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HOYOGO’s Birthday Party in February 2021

2021/03/04 18:26:32

Celebrate the Lantern Festival,

Observe Colleagues’ Birthdays,

Receive Performance Rewards,

On the fifteenth of the first Chinese lunar month, the Lantern Festival, also known as the Shangyuan Festival, is the first full moon night of the year. In order to pray for a smooth and healthy new year, people will eat tangyuan, enjoy beautiful lantern, guess lantern riddles, view “Lion Dance” and Play “Dragon Lantern Dance”, drive disease away, etc.

As the saying goes, the Chinese New Year do not end until the Lantern Festival. In this year's Lantern Festival, there is no endless excitement and joy, but are thousands of family to reunite and stay together, and a group of epidemic prevention staff who silently stick to their posts to protect the health of the people across the country. After a happy Chinese New Year holiday, we returned to busy work and continued to sow hope for the new year. In order to celebrate the Lantern festival and employees’ birthdays of the month, HOYOGO held a February birthday party, wish you all health and happiness! Where there is home, there is reunion, love and beauty!


Turned out in viewing the lion dance,

over joyed with celebrating the Lantern Festival,

On that day, we also viewed the “Lion Dance” celebration. The shape of the dancing lion was mighty, and their steps were very lively, sonorous and powerful, performing to the rhythm of big gongs, drums and cymbals. The inheritance of this traditional culture not only adds to the festive atmosphere, but also allows the new generation to learn about traditional culture.

At the beginning of this birthday party, Yumi expressed her festival wishes to us and shared a few key points:


1. China's success in fighting the epidemic in 2020 has proved to people all over the world the spirit of our Chinese nation. The Rise and Fall of All Under Heaven Is the Responsibility of Every Individual. Someone with success dreams must recognize the responsibilities. Real man making a difference must practise the responsibilities.


2. For HYG people, loving HYG is the bond of duty, responsibility. Where the heart is, where the love is.

For HYG company, 2021 is a year of Culture-Rooted Construction. Only culture can survive, and only culture can achieve great causes.


3. Cherish the conflicts that occur in the team, because contradictions will bring solutions. A company that turns contradictions into a driving force is a company worthy of everyone's respect.


4. HYG pursues the value that can continue to grow effectively. Our senior management needs to constantly think about the advantages of HYG in the market, how to improve when encountering unfavorable situations, and how to create differentiated services to stand out in front of customers.


5. In this year, we must know the shortcomings and make up for the shortcomings, optimize and improve the overall combat effectiveness of the team. We will establish a balanced assessment system and strengthen the company's overall core competitiveness. The examination mechanism in 2021 will be improved to “lean towards strugglers and contributors”, HYG will not treat every employee who contributes to the company shabbily.


6. We must clear: There are 2 ways to change your life in HYG, that is, struggle and contribution. We must maintain a high degree of unity, not only to know that the standard of excellence is to keep pace with the times, but also to attach importance to the strategic awareness of the "generals" in each department for achieving goals.

Finally, she hopes that everyone will practice our spirit together in 2021. The long journey is only ?through struggle. Let's cheer together!

Then, it was our happiest performance reward part! Everyone was full of joy. Who doesn't want to have red envelopes in the pocket? Mr. Liu awarded us the first performance reward in the Year of the Ox! May your wealth and happiness come forever!

Later, in this festival that places the Chinese people's hopes on reunion and happiness, our HOYOGO colleagues gathered together to eat tangyuan of Lantern Festival, shared various delicacies, and celebrate the Lantern Festival together.

Finally, Happy Birthday to everyone born in February. May your everything go well and every year full with happiness!


Wish you good health, success and all the best

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