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HoYoGo's May Birthday Party

2023/05/29 17:55:45

May is a month full of energy and vitality. On the 23rd of this month, HoYoGo held our May Birthday Party where we gathered to celebrate birthdays and share performance.


Performance and Reward:

Thanks to everyone's collaborative efforts, the company has recognized and rewarded outstanding employees for their hard work in April. Let's all continue to strive for excellence!


Mr. Liu Spoke:

Only when each of us fulfills our duties in our own positions and works hard to do our job well, can we create a company with strong comprehensive strength and competitiveness. It's not just about one person's ability; it takes all employees exerting their strengths in their respective positions to make the company invincible in the market.

In addition, he suggested that our company should prioritize stability over rapid success. By making steady progress in all areas, we can reach new heights within two or three years. Let's work together and make progress as a team.




Yumi Spoke:

In the midst of a global economic downturn, what makes customers choose HoYoGo? It's because everyone who joins HoYoGo is a talented individual perfectly suited for our company. We all have our own self-confidence and pride. From the perspective of the company, we also have core competitiveness, as well as confidence and pride in ourselves. We always strive to create value for our customers.

We will remain humble and patient, while also being approachable and honest in addressing any concerns our guests may have. It is important for each individual to reflect on their own actions and strive for fairness and justice, as this leads to a clear conscience and ultimately a peaceful life. This is the true source of happiness.

Success and failure in life, as well as a rich or poor lifestyle, are all outcomes of our own actions and have nothing to do with others. Each person has their unique path to follow, and they should focus on self-improvement through meditation while confidently shining in their respective position. This is the key to living the best life possible. May every member of HoYoGo achieve this ideal.

In the end, she remarked that we are all fortunate and I hope that in the days ahead, our good fortune will continue amidst the crashing waves on the shore.




Issue Birthday Gift:

Mr. Liu presented gifts to the birthday staff and conveyed his warmest wishes for a joyful celebration!




Congratulations on achieving full membership status:

Congratulations to our new team member on officially joining HOYOGO as a full-time employee! Let's embark on a new journey together towards a brighter future!




Congratulations on Personal Promotion:

Congratulations to the lovely lady from the Market Department on her well-deserved promotion from Gold customer service to vice Supervisor. Wishing her a bright future and continued success.




The delicious meal has already been prepared, and now everyone can indulge in the hearty feast!


Birthday Celebration:

Amidst the joyous atmosphere, they enthusiastically applauded in front of the lavish birthday feast and stunning birthday cake. With everyone's well wishes, the birthday stars blew out their candles and beamed with happiness. Afterwards, everyone shared in the delicious cake together while laughter filled the air. Finally, we wish a very happy birthday to them, may all their dreams come true!

This Birthday Party has come to end, and we not only celebrated a birthday but also enhance the cohesion of team. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope for even greater achievements! May HoYoGo continue to thrive and prosper!

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