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How to Choose A PCB Prototype Manufacturer?

2020/07/20 20:11:46

PCB prototype refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production. It is mainly for PCB engineers to design circuits and complete PCB layout, and then go to the factory for a small batch trial production process, that is, PCB prototype. The production quantity of PCB prototype usually has no specific boundaries. Generally, engineers call it PCB prototype before the product design is confirmed and tested. Nowadays, the prototyping market is mixed with various shoddy products, so how to choose a reliable PCB prototype manufacturer has become the most important consideration for students and designers.

Precautions for PCB Prototype:

1. Please choose the number of prototype carefully to effectively control the cost.

2. Please specially confirm the device package to avoid prototype failure due to package error.

3. Please conduct a comprehensive electrical inspection to improve the electrical performance of the PCB.

4. Please do a good job of signal size layout to reduce noise and improve PCB stability.

Factors to consider when choosing a PCB prototype manufacturer:

1. Consider the delivery time of the product.

In general, the delivery time for double panel is 3-4 days. Under special circumstances, there are 24 hours expedited delivery and 48 hours expedited delivery.

2. Consider product quality.

It depends on whether the copper thickness meets the standard, whether the edges of the circuit are smooth, whether the surface of the whole board looks smooth, and whether the copper foil is placed correctly. If you don't know how to distinguish, you can use acetone to soak to see if the ink will fall off, use a soldering iron to repeatedly solder to see if the pad will rot, use your eyes to see if the ink is flat, and if the tin blowing is flat.

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