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How to Choose the Base Material of High Frequency PCB Board

2023/08/23 20:35:16

High frequency PCB plays an important role in wireless communication, radar, satellite communication and other fields. Choosing the right high frequency PCB base material is crucial to ensure the performance and reliability of the PCB. However, since there are various types of PCB boards on the market, how to choose the right board becomes a key issue. So how to choose high frequency PCB board?




Factors to consider when choosing high frequency PCB base material:

1) Dielectric Constant: The dielectric constant is an index to measure the electrical insulation ability of materials, which is especially important for high -frequency PCB. A lower dielectric constant helps reduce signal loss and signal distortion during signal transmission.



2) Dielectric Loss Factor: Dielectric loss factor is a parameter to measure the degree of dielectric loss. Choose materials with a low dielectric loss factor to ensure the accuracy and stability of signal transmission.



3) Thermal Stability: High frequency PCB usually operate at higher operating temperatures, so thermal stability is an important consideration. Choose materials with good thermal stability can ensure that PCB will not lose its performance due to temperature changes.



4) High Frequency Performance: For high frequency PCB, it is also necessary to consider the high frequency performance of the material, including the stability of the dielectric constant and the loss of signal transmission. This helps maintain the integrity of the signal and the accuracy of high-speed data transmission.



5) Tg Value: Tg refers to the temperature at which the PCB material transitions from a solid state to a molten state. In high temperature environment, higher Tg value can ensure the stability and reliability of PCB.



6) Moisture Absorption: The hygroscopicity of the PCB board will affect the performance stability of the circuit. Choosing a board with low hygroscopicity can reduce the effect of moisture on the circuit.



In addition, high  frequency PCB has the advantages of high efficiency, fast speed, moisture resistance and high temperature resistance, which make it widely used in many high-precision instruments. SHENZHEN HOYOGO ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is an international, professional and reliable high frequency PCB manufacturer. Since 2006, we have our own production bases in China, mainly focusing on exporting PCB&PCBA to European and North American markets.

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