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How to Store PCBA for a Long Time

2022/09/21 19:05:04

After the PCBA processing is completed, if the product assembly cannot be carried out in time, the PCBA board needs to be properly stored and placed, so how to store it for a long time?




1. Coating conformal coating

PCBA boards without conformal coating cannot be exposed to the air for too long. If you want to store for a long time, you can coat the PCBA with a conformal coating, also called PCBA protective oil, which has the functions of anti-humid heat, dust-proof and anti-oxidation, which can effectively prolong the storage time of the finished PCBA board. When coating the conformal coating, you must choose the appropriate conformal coating type, because the protective effect of different types of conformal coating will be different.



2. Vacuum packaging

Although coating conformal coating can prolong the storage time of PCBA, some PCBA boards will be equipped with some electronic components that cannot be coated with conformal coating, such as sensors, radiators, connectors, etc. These components are not painted with protective paint and are exposed to air. For a long time, it will be affected by the environment, causing performance problems, and even premature failure. If the PCBA board is vacuum packed and stored, this problem can be solved very well.



3. Good storage environment

In the storage environment of PCBA board, the first is to ensure that there is no static electricity in the environment, because static electricity will damage PCBA board and components, so the storage room needs to prevent static electricity from happening. The second is to control the temperature and humidity of the PCBA board storage, and to ensure that there is no corrosive gas in the storage room.



The shelf life of PCBA is also affected by the sheet process. If the PCBA substrate process is immersion gold, its effective storage time is only half a year. Generally, it can no longer be used after 18 months, and the PCB with the process of immersion silver and OSP has only a valid storage period of 3 months, which should not exceed the storage time. PCBA boards that have been stored for more than 3 months need to be re-tested before assembly.



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