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Information Required for Circuit Board Design

2021/03/23 18:34:16

1. Circuit Diagram(Necessary)

Whether it is a hand-drawn circuit diagram or a CAD-drawn circuit diagram, in short, at least a circuit diagram is required for circuit board design.

2. Circuit power consumption calculation book(Not Necessary)

This calculation book contains data about the power supply voltage and current flowing through each component. If this is not available, you need to design the width and spacing of the traces by interpreting the circuit diagram. In the absence of special software, free software can be used for circuit simulation. In addition, verify through written calculations, and record the voltage value, positive and negative, current value and flow direction for the places you need to inquire in the future.

The application in circuit board design is to calculate the width of the trace based on the current flowing in a certain area, especially for voltage traces and GND traces, and can be used as a basis for designing connections the size and number of holes.

3. Circuit Diagram Electrical List(Not Necessary)

If there is no electrical list of the circuit diagram, you need to make it yourself according to the circuit diagram. The circuit electrical list is necessary for circuit board design. The electrical network list for the circuit board is divided into a circuit diagram electrical network list and a circuit board electrical network list. In many cases, especially when the circuit board is revised, the electrical network list will not be given. At this time, you need to do it yourself.

4. Components list(Necessary)

The consistency of the circuit diagram and the component list needs to be compared here.

The two main reasons for the inconsistency between the circuit diagram and the component list:

Constant changes in the design of new products.

Eliminate and update components during product revisions.

No matter how much time it takes, the circuit diagram must be consistent with the component list to ensure the success rate of the design.

5. Circuit board design drawing(Necessary)

Even scribbled handwriting is very necessary. If it is only delivered verbally, it will sometimes misunderstand the meaning of the product designer and cause errors.

The content of the drawing: base material, surface treatment, the minimum limit of trace width and trace spacing, the specification of the pad, the font and size of the printing, the size of the circuit board, the location where the specified component is placed, and the prohibited area. Insulation specifications between different areas, etc.

6. Circuit board design timesheet

It is used to calculate the time required for circuit board design and the number of people.

7. Circuit Board area estimation list

Within the specified circuit board size, judge whether the components can be reasonably arranged in the circuit board.

In the case that the components can be arranged in the circuit board, it is judged whether to adopt a two-panel design or a four-layer design or more.

In the absence of any designation, it is necessary to fully communicate with the product designer to recommend the most appropriate circuit board size and layer design.

8. Workpiece size estimate list

When you decided the size of circuit board, in order to achieve the lowest cost in manufacturing, you can use V-cut to connect the circuit board. At that time, you should choose a suitable workpiece size.

9. Circuit board electrical design list

It includes the following parts:

Trace width calculation list or trace width reference list;

Trace spacing calculation list or trace spacing reference list;

Connecting hole pad size calculation list or Connecting hole pad size reference list.

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