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The Composition of the PCB Circuit Board

2020/12/24 18:44:19

The component of the PCB circuit board: PCB are similar to layered cake or lasagna, with alternating layers of different materials that are laminated together by heating and adhesive to from a single object.

FR4: Base material is fiberglass. In historical, the most common sign of this fiberglass is "FR4". This rugged core gives the PCB rigidity and thickness.

Perf Board: Other materials (such as epoxy resin or phenolic resin) will be used to make cheaper PCBs and perf boards, which are not as durable as FR4, but are much cheaper. When you are using this type of PCB, soldering it will have a very bad smell. This type of substrate is usually used in low-end consumer electronic products.

PCB copper exposure, no solder mask or silkscreen printing: The next layer is a thin copper foil, which is laminated to the board by heating and adhesive. On a normal double-sided PCB, copper is applied to both sides of the substrate. In lower-cost electronic products, the PCB may have copper on only one side. When we refer to double-sided or double-layer boards, it mean that the number of copper layers is 2. For multi-layer boards, HOYOGO can make 1 layer or up to 28 layers or more.

The thickness of copper may vary and is measured in units of weight and ounces per square foot. Most PCBs contain 1 ounce of copper per square foot, but some PCBs that handle very high power may use 2 or 3 ounces of copper.

Solder Mask: The layer on top of the copper foil is called a solder mask layer. This layer can have many different colors, mostly green. It covers the copper layer to help users solder to the correct position and prevent solder jumpers.

Silkscreen: A white silkscreen layer is applied on top of the solder mask paste layer. The most common silk screen is white, but any ink color can also be used. Letters, numbers and symbols are added to the PCB to make it easier for people to get instructions to facilitate assembly and maintenance, so as to better understand the circuit board. We often use silkscreen labels to indicate the function of each pin or LED.

SHENZHEN HOYOGO ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is an international, professional, reliable PCB manufacturer. HoYoGo can offer board of HDI, gold finger, hard gold, flexible, flex-rigid, metal base, quick-turn around and PCBA. The layer is normally from 1 to 28layer. The base material also depends on the requirement, it can be KB or shengyi, etc.

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