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The Difference between Copper Base PCB and Aluminum PCB

2022/09/07 19:13:19

Both copper base PCB and aluminum PCB belong to PCB IMS boards, which are composed of circuit layers, insulating layers, and metal base layers. It has special magnetic permeability, excellent heat dissipation, as well as good processing performance, high mechanical strength and other characteristicsAnd the characteristics of good processing performance and high mechanical strength. So what is the difference between copper base PCB and aluminum PCB?




1. The base materials used are different. This is obvious. The aluminum PCB uses aluminum as the base material, while the copper base PCB uses copper as the base material.



2. The thermal conductivity is different. The copper base PCB has the best thermal conductivity among the IMS boards, and the thermal conductivity is better than that of the aluminum PCB.



3. The prices are different. Copper base PCB are the most expensive IMS boards, and aluminum PCB are relatively cheap.



4. The technology is different. The aluminum PCB is simpler than the copper base PCB in the production process, so the delivery time is also different.



5. Copper base PCB can be machined into metallized holes, while aluminum PCB cannot.



6. The elastic modulus of copper and aluminum is quite different, so the warpage and expansion and contraction of the copper substrate will be smaller than that of the aluminum PCB.



To sum up, copper base PCB and aluminum PCB have their own advantages, and customers can choose a more suitable one according to their own needs or the application of the end product.



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