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Three Characteristics of Thick Copper Board

2022/04/20 18:25:20

The circuit board is made of copper clad laminate with a layer of copper foil on both sides of the copper clad laminate. When the thickness of the copper foil is greater than or equal to 2OZ, it is defined as a thick copper board, so why do we make such thick copper, and what are the characteristics of the thick copper board?




1. Carry High Current

In the case of a certain line width, increasing the copper thickness is equivalent to increasing the cross-sectional area of the circuit, so the thickening of the copper foil can make the circuit board carry a larger current.



2. Reduce Thermal Strain

The conductivity of copper foil is small (conductivity is resistivity; metal conductors are divided into: silver copper gold aluminum tungsten nickel iron.). In the case of passing a large current, the temperature rise of the copper foil is very small, so the thick copper board can reduce the heat generation, thereby reducing the thermal strain.



3. Good Heat Dissipation

Because copper foil has high thermal conductivity, the use of thick copper board can play an important role in heat dissipation performance.



Based on the above characteristics, it can be seen that thick copper board is very suitable for high-current products, it has different characteristics, which can better realize circuit functions.



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