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What Should We Pay Attention to When Using Ceramic PCB?

2021/06/10 18:20:12

Nowadays, with its own advantages, ceramic PCB has been widely used in high-power power electronic modules, solar panel components, high-frequency switching power supplies, automotive electronics, aerospace, high-power LED lighting products, automotive sensors and other fields. Not only that, it also plays a vital role in home life. In addition, if we want to make the use of ceramic PCB better, we need to pay attention to the following points.



1. Heating pretreatment before wire bonding

Since the ceramic PCB has been processed by laser, only through reasonable heating pretreatment can the temperature of the ceramic PCB be more uniform. After customer purchase ceramic PCBs from ceramic PCB manufacturers, please try to avoid excessive temperature difference during wires bonding, and preheat it in advance to ensure that the ceramic PCB after wires bonding have better electrical performance.



2. Minimize errors as much as possible when processing the size of the sharding

Please pay attention to the sharding deviation between the cracking direction of the ceramic PCB's scribing line and the substrate during the slicing process. When customer purchasing ceramic PCB materials from ceramic PCB manufacturers for product design, error factors should be considered, and corrections should be made according to the deviation value of the slicing to ensure that the size of each unit after the slicing is more in line with the product design specifications. 



When we use it, we should also use the design fixture to fix it, only in this way can the ceramic PCB be handled more uniformly. If you want to make the product made of ceramic PCB more superior, please pay attention to the above two points when using, so as to reduce the deviation generated during the processing and achieve better product design and production.



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