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What Should be Paid Attention to in PCBA Repair

2022/09/09 18:39:02

When doing PCBA processing, we occasionally encounter some boards that need to be repaired. Repair is also a very important link. Once errors occur, it may directly lead to the scrapping of the circuit board. So what should we pay attention to when repairing?


1. If there are solder joint defects such as open circuit, bridge, and virtual soldering generated in the reflow or wave soldering process, it is necessary to use tools, such as BGA rework station, X-Ray, high-power microscope, etc., to remove various solder joint defects after trimming. So as to obtain qualified PCBA solder joints.



2. If the repair process needs to be heated above 110°C, or there are other moisture-sensitive components within 5mm of the repair area.



3. For moisture-sensitive components that need to be reused, if hot air reflow, infrared and other repair processes are adopted through the heating solder joint of the component package, it must be baked and dehumidified according to the moisture sensitivity level and storage conditions of the components. For the repair process using manual ferrochrome heating solder joints, pre-baking treatment is not required under the premise that the heating process is controlled.



4. After baking, moisture-sensitive components, PCBA, and new components to be replaced need to be re-baked once the storage conditions exceed the expiration date.



5. The total allowable repair heating of the component does not exceed 4 times The total number of repair heating allowed for new components is not more than 5 times. Dismantled and reused components should not be reheated more than 3 times.



6. Be careful not to damage the pad during repair. In addition, the component surface and PCB surface must be flat.



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