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What are the Advantages of Aluminum PCB

2022/09/02 17:46:05

Aluminum PCB is a metal substrate with good heat dissipation function. Generally, the single-sided aluminum PCB is composed of three layers, which are the circuit layer, the insulating layer and the metal base layer. It is usually used in power products, especially in the LED field. So, what are the advantages of aluminum PCB?




1. As we all know, high temperature will affect electronic equipment, so it is necessary to choose a circuit board with good heat dissipation, and the aluminum PCB can effectively deal with heat dissipation, reduce the operating temperature of the module, and improve reliability. Reduce the assembly area of radiators and other hardware, reduce product volume, and reduce hardware and assembly costs.



2. The aluminum PCB meets environmental requirements, is recyclable, helps save energy, and is easy to assemble.



3. Aluminum PCB, copper PCB, and iron PCB, all belong to metal substrates Comparison of the three: Aluminum PCB are much lighter in weight than copper substrates and iron substrates, and are a light metal. Comparison of the three: Aluminum PCB are much lighter in weight than copper PCB and iron PCB, and are a light metal.



4. Compared with ceramic PCB and glass substrates, aluminum PCB have better mechanical durability. It reduces accidental damage during manufacturing, handling and everyday use



5. The aluminum PCB is the same as the FR4 base material, and the line layer uses copper foil as the wire to connect. By contrast, the aluminum PCB can carry higher current with the same thickness and line width.



6. The dimensional changes of aluminum PCB are generally relatively small, and they are much more stable than printed boards made of many insulating materials.



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