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What are the Advantages of PCB Horizontal Plating

2022/08/31 17:56:56

Electroplating is a necessary production process in PCB production, in which horizontal plating is more functional than vertical plating, and it is easier to achieve large-scale production. So what are the advantages of horizontal plating?




1. Horizontal plating does not need to reserve a clamping position, which increases the practical area and greatly saves the loss of raw materials.



2. It can adapt to a wide range of sizes without manual installation and hanging, realize fully automatic operation, and ensure that there is no damage to the surface of the PCB board during processing, which is extremely beneficial for mass production.



3. Horizontal plating is computer controlled throughout the process to ensure uniformity of surface and hole coating on each printed circuit board under the same conditions.



4. The cleaning of the plating tank to the addition and replacement of the plating solution can be fully automated without human error, and labor costs can be reduced.



5. It can be seen from the actual production that horizontal plating adopts multi-stage horizontal cleaning, which can save the amount of cleaning water and reduce the pressure of sewage treatment.



6. Because the process adopts closed operation, it reduces the direct impact of working space pollution and heat evaporation on the process environment, especially reduces heat loss during baking, saves unnecessary energy consumption, and greatly improves production efficiency.



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