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What are the Characteristics of Energy Storage PCB

2023/10/31 18:11:21

With the continuous growth of global demand for new energy and the transformation of the energy structure, the market size of energy storage technology continues to expand. As an important part of the battery module in the energy storage system, energy storage PCB plays a key role in the safety and performance of the entire system. Do you know what the characteristics in energy storage PCB are?




What is energy storage: It refers to storage of energy, the process of storing energy through media or equipment and releasing it when needed.



Lets first take a look at the upstream and downstream products and related industry profiles of the energy storage industry. The upstream industry mainly focuses on the storage materials themselves and related system equipment. The midstream industry mainly focuses on energy storage installation systems and integrated systems. After reaching the midstream industry, you will find the PCB industry that is closer to us, and there are also various downstream application-level products, such as photovoltaic products, charging pile products, etc.



We use the familiar lithium batteries and photovoltaics as examples. Because there are various control systems, such as battery management systems (BMS), photovoltaic inverters, etc., lithium battery charging pile products need to be implemented with PCB boards.



What are the characteristics of energy storage PCB board?

1. It is difficult to find BGA chips and some fine-pitch devices on energy storage PCB boards, because they are mainly used for charging and discharging.



2. Energy storage boards generally have thicker copper, with most copper thicknesses are above 2 OZ; and they mainly with large currents, accompanied by high voltages (up to kilovolts).



3. Similarly, due to the operation of high current, the board is more likely to have heating problems, so the energy storage PCB board will do heat dissipation treatment, such as punching heat dissipation holes or adding some encapsulated heat dissipation shells, etc.



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