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What are the Methods of PCB Splitting?

2022/09/26 18:01:58

In the PCB processing process, in order to save costs and improve production efficiency, the PCB is usually spliced in the PCB manufacturing link, that is to say, multiple PCB are spliced on a substrate. After the assembly work is completed, the PCB needs to be spliced for subsequent testing, packaging and other work. So what are the methods of PCB splitting?




1. Manual Splitting Board

Manual splitting board is mainly divided into manual splitting and shears board cutting pliers. Manual splitting board is the operator manually breaking, folding and other actions to separate the panel boards. Cutting pliers and dividing the board is to cut the board with the help of cutting pliers. Manual splitting board was the main splitting board method in the past, but due to the excessive stress caused by manual work during splitting board, the PCB was damaged. Therefore, with the popularization of the application of splitting board machines, the manual splitting board method has been rarely used.



2. V-Cut Splitting Board

The V-cut splitting board is suitable for the PCB board of V-CUT. It needs to be operated with the help of the V-cut splitting to fix the PCB board and divide it by the movement of the blade. The V-cut splitting can only run in one direction and cannot be turned, so it is more suitable for rectangular PCB boards. V-cut splitting board separation is simple in operation, low in cost and fast in boards separation efficiency, but it will also cause defects such as burrs on the cutting edge due to blade and other reasons.



3. Milling Cutter Splitting Board

The milling cutter splitting board is suitable for the PCB board with the stamp hole, and it needs to be operated with the milling cutter splitting board machine. A milling cutter is a multi-gear rotary cutter. When dividing the board, the milling cutter type machine will cut the board according to the pre-programmed cutting path, and it can cut any shape such as straight line or arc. Therefore, it is very suitable for some special-shaped boards, and the effect of the milling cutter type board is also very good, with the advantages of no burrs and small stress, etc.



As mentioned above, different board separation methods have different advantages and disadvantages, and the specific choice needs to be determined according to the method of PCB panel.

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