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What are the SMT Processing Materials?

2022/06/17 18:02:56

The quality and production efficiency of SMT processing is very critical to PCB, and the materials used for processing play a crucial role. So what are the materials in SMT processing?




1. Solder Paste

Solder paste is a paste made by alloy solder powder and paste soldering flux. It is an indispensable solder material in SMT processing and is widely used in reflow soldering. Solder paste has a certain viscosity at room temperature, which can stick electronic components in designated positions, and then at the soldering temperature, with the volatilization of solvents and some additives, the soldered components are connected to the PCB to form a permanent connection.



2. Soldering Flux

Soldering is the main process of SMT processing, and soldering flux is an auxiliary material used in soldering. Its main function is to remove the oxides on the surface of the solder and the material to be soldered, so that the metal surface can achieve the necessary cleanliness. It can also prevent the surface from being oxidized again during soldering, reduce the surface tension of the solder, and improve the soldering performance. The quality of the soldering flux performance will directly affect the quality of the PCB.



3. Adhesives

Adhesive is usually red, but also yellow and white. Adhesives such as hardeners, pigments, and solvents are evenly distributed in the patch glue, which is mainly used to fix components on the PCB. It is generally used by dispensing or stencil printing. After attaching the components, put them in an oven or reflow oven to heat and harden.



4. Cleaning Agent

The cleaning agent is used to clean the residue after soldering. When the welding is completed, the equipment needs to be cleaned in time so as not to affect the next use.



Different assembly processes use different materials. Sometimes in the same assembly process, due to different subsequent processes, the materials used will also be different. HOYOGO is an international, professional and reliable PCB manufacturer. We can provide you with professional SMT processing services, and accept customer processing and OEM other processing form.

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