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What is the Difference between IC Carrier Board and PCB

2023/08/30 21:42:31

IC carrier board and PCB are 2 very important components in electronic products, and they both play a key role in the manufacturing and assembly process of electronic products. So what is the difference between IC carrier board and PCB?




1. The difference between IC carrier board and PCB

1) Structure and function

IC carrier board is a chip carrier specially used to support integrated circuits. Its structure includes many electronic components such as transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc. The main function of the IC carrier board is to support and connect the IC chips, and provide electrical connection and heat dissipation functions for the IC chips. However, the PCB is a circuit board used to support and connect electronic components. Its structure is relatively simple, mainly composed of copper clad laminates, conductive patterns, insulating materials, etc. Its main function is to provide electrical connections between electronic components.



2) Purpose

The IC carrier board is mainly used to install and connect integrated circuits to realize the functions of signal transmission and processing. It is widely used in computer, communication, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other fields. However, PCB pays more attention to the connection and support of the circuit, which is widely used in almost all electronic products, including computers, communications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, household appliances, etc.



3) Manufacturing technology and materials

The manufacturing technology and materials of IC carrier boards are different from PCB. IC carrier boards are usually made of silicon, ceramic or plastic. The manufacturing technology and materials of PCB are relatively simple, generally using ordinary copper clad laminates, solder mask inks, metal conductors and other materials.



2. The similarities between IC carrier board and PCB

1) Substrate

Both IC carrier board and PCB are substrates in electronic products, and they both play the role of supporting and connecting electronic components.



2) Electrical design and manufacture

Whether it is an IC carrier board or a PCB, electrical design and manufacturing are required. Electrical design refers to determining the connection methods and layout and wiring between electronic components, while manufacturing refers to the production and processing of designed circuit boards.



3) Reliability test

Both IC carrier boards and PCB require reliability testing to ensure they can work reliably in real-world applications. Reliability testing includes temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and other tests.



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