The development of PCB substrate

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  The PCB substrate is the basic material of PCB production. Generally, PCB substrate is copper clad laminate. For example, based on the substrate, the single and double-sided PCBs are made by selective hole processing, electroless copper plating, etching. Thus to a large extent, its performance, quality, manufacturing cost, manufacturing level, etc., depend on the substrate material.

PCB Base Material

  Common substrates include: phenolic PCB paper substrates, composite PCB substrates, glass fiber PCB substrates and metal substrates, etc.

  Being developed for more than half a century with the improved material production technology, the PCB substrate annual output of the world has reached 290 million square meters, It is mainly driven by the innovation of electronic products, semiconductor manufacturing technology, electronic mounting technology, and PCB technology. Since 1943, the copper-clad board made of a phenolic resin substrate began to be put into practical use, the development of substrate material has been very fast. By the late 1990s, the electronics industry has become the world’s largest industry, and the adoption rate of PCB substrate was increasing rapidly.

  Throughout history, the specific reasons of PCB substrate prosperity are mainly in the following three aspects:

  1. Development of automotive electronics

automotive electronics

  Driven by both motorization and intelligence, the automotive electronics market has expanded rapidly, and the demand for PCB substrates on electric vehicles has also increased significantly.

  2. Market impact of communication electronics

5G communication era

  With the advent of 5G communication era, the performance requirements of electronic products that have emerged are becoming higher and higher.  For example, fast-moving and miniaturized “communication products”, developing “portable computers” and “computer network digitization” and other electronic products. In order to adapt to the law of natural selection and not be eliminated by the market, they will inevitably promoted the development of PCB substrate towards high reliability, high moisture resistance, high heat resistance, high dielectric property and high dimensional stability.

  3.Universal application of industrial control products

  As the derivatives of second largest industry namely industry, industrial electronic products are widely used. Its main board is used by industrial computers and can be seen in various industrial occasions. Such as industrial equipment, GPS navigation, environmental protection equipment, etc. According to the demand, it can adapt to a wide temperature environment, harsh environment, and can work at high load for a long time. As a result, PCB substrate requirements have emerged and become more and more popular.