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Over 17years Engineering& management experience in the PCB industry, worked as key management in Top 5 listed PCB Company in China.

A visionary, broad-minded excellent entrepreneur, who is always willing to share, creating value for customers, partners and his team, to build the enterprise as a platform to 

realize win-win for more parties. 


Over 16 years Engineering &management experience in the PCB industry, have been working in TOP 10 China PCB factory, like

KB Group.

Full of energy and passion, she is always striving for customer’s satisfaction, staff’s benefits &happiness, and company’s

 development with her powerful executive force and leadership!

Manager Member


                                Sales Manager

10years working in the international marketing and

 sales business.Good understanding of western culture

 and local business policy, rich of experience on serving 

customer and dealing issues. Active, sincere, 

responsible and open-minded, is always willing to learn and share. 


                              Customer service manager

With 12years working experience in PCB industry.Good 

understanding of PCB knowledge and customer-care 

oncept.An engaging person, responsible and nice, very

 caring for people around her. 


About 25years Quality control experience in the PCB industry, is well-known in China PCB industry due to his profession and rich knowledge for domestic and oversea PCB quality 


Be always with responsibility and quick reaction ability.


Over 15years engineering experience in the PCB industry, is very professional and experienced with PCB technology and CAM skill. He is a very carefully and responsible person.


Been working in China PCB industry more than 10years, with rich resources and good relationship with Chinese partners,

 he is an energetic and smart young man, easy-going, 

passionate and innovative, can always help to solve problem beyond your expectation.