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Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, 2019 has passed for half a year. We welcomed the days of the July employees’ birthday party. The personnel director Ms. Dai has prepared an afternoon for this party, with plenty of food and bright flowers. She also emphasized the company's motto: In the pursuit of the material and spiritual life of all employees, to make contributions to social harmony.

Yumi shared: Focusing on a job, thinking about how to get things done and simplifying things is the most direct expression of corporate culture. In additional, taking into account the personality characteristics of some employees, the company has set up a suggestion box. The company promotes a culture of equality for all, openly and honestly solve practical problems. In this way, employees can realize their potential without limit. At the same time, let everyone know that colleagues should communicate effectively with each other, and should think about the problem from a different angle, and we must have the correct way of thinking about the problem, correct judgment and cognition, so the correct life values are very important to everyone.

No matter what problem you encounter, we must first have the attitude of each of our employees. No job will not encounter problems, but life is wonderful because of continuous problem solving after hard work. In this life, we overcome all obstacles and forge ahead. A good life outcome requires our perseverance and never slack struggle. Remember: Struggle is the most beautiful background color of youth!


Next, the performance bonus was awarded by Mr. Liu, and this month’s performance bonus is very rich. HOYOGO's performance awards are designed to reward excellence and inspire struggle.


Vennifer of the marketing department was promoted to the silver customer service, and the two R&D engineers smoothly became our staff officially ; wish they will work harder and make progress constantly in this big family. In the days to come, we will help each other, live in harmony, and work together to create a better future for us!

There is one more important thing this month, our company has set up a party branch! The company’s first party branch secretary is Engineer Yao. He said that he welcomes the company to strive for advanced individuals to actively join the Communist Party, and at the same time play the role of the party members as the model leader, and for the HOYOGO company's career development.


Mr. Liu finally spoke, hoping that the party branch of the company will play a good role in the advanced nature of party members and contribute to the continuous development of the company. This employee's birthday party is full of joy, and everyone's face is full of happy smiles. Wish the HOYOGO people will continue to work hard and be proud of the strugglers, contributing to the development of the company.

The delicious cake, accompanied by beautiful music and lighting. In the warm applause, we invited the birthday stars of July to come on stage, and invited Mr. Liu to send flowers and gifts for them. Happy birthday to them!

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