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HOYOGO Advantages

[Realized your one-stop PCB demand]

Poweful and advanced production CAPABILITY ]

1.2 factories Production bases, QingYuan City GuangDong Province, and HuBei Province. Plants invested capital 228mil USD.

2.High level Automation and dedicated automotive production line. Automotive accounts for 45%

3.400+ oversea buyers’ choice with focus in Europe and North Amercia for 7 years.

Golbal sources and technology integration ,realized your one -top PCB demand ]

1. supplied with prototype ,medium-small-mass volume , FR4,FPC, R-F,HDI and all special PCB.

2. Global strategic partner: European and U.S. military PCB manufacturer.

3. Long board and thin board specialist:up to 1.5 meter, 0.15mm.

4. Fast & on time delivery, quick turn service 1-3 days for double layer, 2-5 days for 4 layer.

Strong and professional international TEAM ]

1.Management team with average 25 year industry experience.

2.Sales team with 4 languages ( chinese ,french,English,and Japanese), offer in 1 hour, nearly 0 time-difference service worldwide.

3.Global sales representative and distributor from Europe, U.S., Australia, and Africa in house and locally.

Customer first , first-class SERVICE FEELING ]

1.Reliable Quality Assurance policy and quick response in 30 min of solution.

2.Regular business visit to customer worldwide, understand customer real demand.

3.PCBA & BOM sourcing , Value-Added service of technical support & solution , PCBA and sourcing ,etc...、

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