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Impedance Tester

Impedance Tester

Impedance tester for testing pcb parameters such as below that.At paresent,like such test is just simple for pwb industry,pcb factory want to be grown faster,we must develop our tech and the cost of machine.Only our product are qualified and our customers say you are really good,we are a good pcb manufacturer.  

Insulation resistance tester intelligent double significant insulation resistance tester (two files) using embedded industrial microcontroller real-time operating system, digital analog pointer and digital code display the perfect combination, also known as digital insulation resistance tester, megger, smart insulation Resistance tester. The series of tables with a variety of voltage output levels, large capacity, strong anti-interference, AC-DC dual-use, simple operation, a variety of measurement results with anti-power-down features. It is the ideal test instrument for measuring the insulation resistance of large-capacity transformers, transformers, generators, high-voltage motors, power capacitors, power cables, arresters and the like.

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