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Inner Dry Film Imaging

Inner Dry Film Imaging

Dry Film protect the pwb surface ,prevent the surface oxided.The pcb processed by Dry Film can make the circuit board reflect,looked perfect and beautyful.

Dry Film : It is a kind of photosensitive, imaging, anti-plating, anti-etching resistance agent. The photoresist is hot pressed onto the clean board. Water-soluble dry film is mainly due to the composition of its containing organic acid radical, will react with strong alkali to become a salt of organic acid, water soluble, which constitutes a water-soluble dry film to sodium carbonate imaging, dilute sodium hydroxide stripping Film and complete the imaging action. This step is about to finish the PCB surface "sticky" on the photochemical reaction of the water-soluble dry film can be photosensitive to show all the PCB circuit prototype.

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