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Internal company rectification

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Internal company rectification

HOYOGO Internal rectification plan


Some time ago, the packaging department reflected that where the product was damaged, in order to ensure the safety of the product, the company decided to purchase another packaging machine to guarantee the safety of our products to the customers

The customer delivered to us, this is our responsibility, we can not send out the bad products, we believe we will become better, to ensure product quality is what we must do, the company's internal problems are related to the adjustment , so that the quality and quantity guaranteed delivery period.

Must do the following 

一、There is only one reason for the existence of the HYG team to deliver our product PCB to the society. This is also the responsibility and obligation of each of us in the job.

二、Quality guarantee. Guarantee quantity. Guarantee delivery delivery to guests.

三、What we have to do to encounter problems is 

1.To face directly.

2 To accept. 

3 To change.

4 To sum up experience. 

5 To lay down. 

After doing these steps, you can free up more time to do more valuable things, will live To be more efficient and have a good mood in order to truly achieve the meaning of life.

The goal of the HYG team 

1.One month later (6.10) let the company flow smoothly.

2.Significant increase in performance in three months (9.10)

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