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X Ray Target Drill

X Ray Target Drill

X-ray inspection machine is mainly for PCB board to check whether the targets of the layers are offset.

X-ray inspection machine uses

Before and after the PCB drilling and lamination process to observe and measure to check the layers of the hole and the target is offset, and the image can be a variety of conditions, including the center of the circle, the distance between the point and the circular area , And according to set parameters to determine.

X-ray inspection machine features

1, using X-ray projection imaging principle, the PCB positioning hole observation and measurement.

2, the whole device using CAN network computer control system, easy to operate.

3, configure the navigation CCD function, on the positive forward timely navigation, easy to shift fixed-point detection. Quickly find the test target.

4, the use of sealed micro-focus X-ray tube and a variety of image processing and functional software to make the image to reduce distortion.

5, the image can be a variety of conditions, such as the center of the circle from the heart, the point and point distance, such as circular area.

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