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HOYOGO organized tourism activities for all employees and their families on August 10, 2019. This trip was a two-day tour of Jiangmen City and Yangjiang City.


Miles Silver Beach


At 8 o'clock in the morning, everyone put their luggage on the bus and set off on time.



On the way, the humorous tour guide Mr. Wang introduced this trip for us and invited several colleagues to sing; Mr. Liu sent red envelopes to everyone in the group chat, we were very happy on the road. I want to say: Mr. Liu, you look great when you send us red envelopes!


On the way


After a three-hour drive, it was lunch time. We were very hungry and came to Kaiping to enjoy the local special lunch - Eel with rice, which is one of the most popular Cantonese cuisines.


Eel with rice


After that, we continued to take the bus to visit the Fengyi Li Diaolou, also known as "Daughter Village". It has a history of more than 400 years: the buildings in the scenic area are scattered and beautiful, and a large number of folk murals are drawn by skilled craftsmen and have a extremely high artistic value.


Fengyi Li Diaolou


Next, we went to the fishing port terminal. The scenery on the sea is beautiful, the blue sky, the green island, the blue sea, the strange stones, the waves and the fish leaps and so on. We took a boat trip to the sea, blowing the sea breeze, looking at the sea, breathing the natural air, very comfortable


fishing port terminal


After returning by boat, we went to the main venue tonight - beach barbecue venue, enjoy - barbecue dinner. After allocating the food and the grill, everyone gathered around and showed their skills, self-sizzling and chatting, savoring this rare leisure.


beach barbecue venue


After eating and drinking, we held a bonfire party. We were here a beautiful Hailing Island. There was no work and bondage here. Only a group of sincere friends were here, and everyone enjoyed it very much. What we want was happiness and freedom!


bonfire party


At the end of the party, we celebrate the birthday of our colleagues this month. This time we have prepared three layers of cute big cakes. We lited the candles and everyone sang a birthday song to give the best wishes to the birthday stars.


birthday Party


Late at night, eveyone was tired and stayed in a local luxury hotel. We had a happy and beautiful day.



The next morning, we gathered for breakfast, and then went to the next stop - Miles Silver Beach. Here we held several beach competitions: rip the nametag off. Even hot summer can't resist our passion. Every friend on the occasion of the finals won the red envelope reward of Yumi.


rip the nametag off


After the games, everyone couldn't wait to put on a swimsuit to go surfing at the beach. There were also pools and slides near the beach, so adults and children can have fun and feel the coolness of this summer.




The two-day tour was over. We took a bus to the restautant for a delicious lunch and then went home. Goodbye, beautiful Yangjiang and beautiful Hailing Island.


Eat and go home


We look forward to organizing a more exciting trip next year. At the same time, wish the After retuning to work, HOYOGO employees will continue to improve themselves and strive for the shared vision of HOYOGO!



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